A Quick Hello…



Miss Charlie Barley

When my dog Charlie feels really safe and relaxed, she rolls onto her back and puts her paws in the air. Her front feet bend like the small arms of a Tyrannosaurus Rex while her back legs splay open shamelessly. She shows her full belly as if to say, “Pet me.” People often squeal with delight and coo softly as they move to her and scratch her chest. She responds with a tail wagging, the universal sign of pure happiness.

In these moments, Charlie drops her normal doggie defenses and opens up to receive. She makes herself vulnerable. She holds no fear, no embarrassment, no worry. Somehow this raw exposure hooks people in and pulls them closer.

This blog is a place of sharing openly and connecting, in other words, the human equivalent of belly exposure and love scratches.

I am driven to share what I love; mindfulness, self-care, and emotional skills. We are all passionate about something,right? Mental health and well being just happen to be what get me excited. My jam. My flow. My North Star. Some people like airplanes, others like food, I get captivated by the invisible world in our heads and hearts.

How we think, what we feel, these form our foundation, our reality. We create it. We build the platform for a fulfilling life with awareness, information and practice. What could be more enticing than that?  Well ok, maybe a few things;)

Let’s begin…

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