Gratefulness Makes Us Happy


See the sunshine in all things

What if ice cream sundaes and potato chips were good for us?
What if we could eat as many french fries and truffles as we wanted and it actually made us feel amazing AND improved our health?
Would you dump out the organic spinach and head over to Cold Stone?

Heck yeah, of course, right?!

Back to reality…so maybe this isn’t real but it is how I experience the act of being grateful, like a delicious treat that is good for me! My chest fills with warmth, my eyes shine, and my heart settles: Basically, the equivalent of psychological junk food with all the perks and no draw backs.

When we turn our attention toward life’s bounty and really take in all that we appreciate, we fill with positive emotion. It bubbles up from our bellies and fills our hearts. We find smiles on our faces and happiness all around.

The best part…we create this moment, this state of satisfaction and emotional goodness.

“In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.” —Albert Clarke


We shift our thoughts toward this life-giving water and we drink. The wide open sky with all of its clouds, and colors, and light is always there, although it doesn’t do a thing for us until we look up and realize, wow, “It’s so big, so dynamic, so beautiful! Amazing.”

I adore the work of Rick Hanson. He is a psychologist who writes about the practices that create psychological wellbeing. He suggests we allow plain facts to become pleasing events. The close parking space becomes a “lucky day” celebration. We recognize our good fortune. We slow down and touch into our thankfulness for the vacant spot. We simply let the sweetness soak in for a few brief seconds.

Everyday, all day, find the goodness. Let it fill your heart and mind.

When we practice being grateful, we are literally making brain changes toward this state of being. The neural networks involved with gratitude grow and strengthen when we appreciate the positive. The more we do it, the more it is available to us.

Get out your magic wand and super hero cape because this is the real deal! Once you have a base to work from, gratitude and positivity begin showing up when you need them most. When you face adversity.   Like when you are mad at your husband and without any warning at all you remember how he sets out a coffee cup for you in the morning. Or perhaps, it is one of “those” days when you wake up late, get caught in traffic on your way to work, and drop your purse in a mud puddle. You might growl and shake your head but you never truly loose sight of how crazy good you really have it.

Thanks for reading.  I’m so happy you’re here.

Big love to you, XO!


2 thoughts on “Gratefulness Makes Us Happy

  1. Hi Lori, I’ve just read all of your recent blogs. I want to tell you that they are well written and truly inspirational! Thank you for creating these blogs and sharing them with the world! Look forward to reading what’s on the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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