Growth Through Challenges

“The only way out, is in” -Junot Diaz


Feeling furious, I climbed into my car determined to get as far away from the house as I could. I began driving down the road full of venom and scorn. My thoughts swirled along with a few nasty names directed toward the person I married. I was livid my husband didn’t take care of the errands he said he would to get ready for a party we were having. We argued hard.

The intensity began to settle as I drove and I decided to pull off the road by a lake and think things through. Luckily, I found a small secluded spot with full-grown oaks, cottonwoods and a rich undergrowth. My anger had turned to tears by this time. I found my journal in my purse and I started to purge every gory detail onto its pages.

There I sat writing in all of my heat and fury when something made me pause. I stopped and looked out my window. My eyes moved upward to the leaves bopping around in the wind. They captured my full attention. I opened the window to take it all in and, as I did, fresh air rushed in the car and coolness hit my cheeks. The leaves shimmered and twirled in circles creating a swishing noise.

It was so serene, so incredibly peaceful. I realized, “This turmoil is only in me. I am the one holding this emotion.  I am creating this upset.

It was a bitter-sweet moment. I understood if I created it, I can fix it.

Forget my husband. Forget what happened. This is my life and my perception. How do I want to respond?

We are not victims of our lives. We are creators of our lives. If we don’t like what is happening, we have the ability to do things differently on our end. It all starts with tuning into what we experience and turning toward the challenges we face. Possibilities open up from there.

Notice what challenges you. Let it show you how you respond. This receptivity will lead you to a path of endless beautiful possibilities. You have choices, my dear. We all have choices.

Many blessings to you…

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